​Tuition is charged by the month and includes 4 private lessons a month, weekly group lessons for beginners, orchestra class for advanced students, recitals and special events.  Make-up lessons will be offered for private lessons that are missed for any reason.  Canceled group lessons are rescheduled when possible. 

​Tuition for families with a total household income of  $80,000 or more per year is $120.00 a month.

It is my belief that high quality music education should be available to every interested student regardless of the family's economic situation.  I have therefore established a sliding tuition scale to accommodate families with yearly incomes of less than $80,000.

Tuition rates are based on the family income, number of children, and special circumstances
​You can determine your rate by calling me at 828-964-8373.  All information is strictly confidential.

​There is a 20% discount for a 2nd student in the family at all tuition levels.